Exploring The Other Side Of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a European destination that is revered amongst travellers from all over the world and is considered to be as iconic as Paris, Barcelona or even London. But where does this stature come from? Whilst many might point to the spectacular canals, and well preserved historical buildings, many others will suggest that it’s the city’s notorious Red Light District and reputation for freely available drugs that makes this a one-stop shop for hen parties and stag dos the world over.

Although it may be difficult to convince some otherwise, Amsterdam is really a well-rounded destination that offers far more than just cheap thrills and hazy days. These four locations prove that Amsterdam can be the perfect place to find an unusual respite for a few days:

Coffee Room


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Simply named and elegantly executed, this cafe sits nicely on the corner of Kinkerstraat, a bustling mainline into the heart of Amsterdam’s centre. The food on offer here is also simple, but universally satisfying. Drop by in the morning to enjoy a generous bowl of museli, with deliciously smooth yogurt and crunchy granola. Coffee is executed with the kind of flair that you’ll only find on the continent and there’s a limit on how many guests can bring laptops, so you won’t feel like you’re stuck in a library.

Public Space


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There’s no such limit on laptops at the Public Space a particularly striking coffee shop hell-bent on minimalism. Everything from the blank slate grey walls, to the carefully chosen vintage sitting room area oozes class and sophistication, however this is still a comfortable place to enjoy a cup of coffee. A hushed atmosphere reigns over this hip joint during the days, but the place livens up during the evening as young urbanites from across the city collect to sample the artisanal coffee and spectacular desserts. You’ll need to catch a ferry across to the North side to find this refuge, just behind the Eye Filmmuseum.

Vondel Park


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Grab a bike from one of the many rental places across the city and make a beeline to Vondelpark to escape the traffic of the city centre. Vondelpark is one of many huge green spaces around the city, that offer residents and tourists alike, the opportunity to grab a breath of fresh air and stretch their legs without the fear of getting knocked down by a passing moped. Whilst there is still a great deal of activity in this, the city’s most popular park, you’ll still be able to find plenty of places to sit and chill. You’ll find a wide array of trees, sculptures, rivers and ponds to soak up, not to mention a handful of cafes and bars to get a drink in.

Rembrandt Park


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For those looking for a true slice of Amsterdam life, the oft overlooked Rembrandt Park offers an excellent reprieve from the crowds. The trees and undergrowth grow thicker here than in Vondelpark, making it more popular with local dog walkers than tourists, so you’re able to wander freely without having to contend with holiday makers on wobbly bikes veering across the paths. There’s also the opportunity to spot elusive animal residents of Amsterdam at certain points around the park, make sure to check out the signposts to find out where you can spot them!