Create Your Very Own Old School Adventure

Have you ever watched an Indiana Jones movie and wondered what it would be like to be a stranger in a foreign land, where you don’t speak the language and around each corner is the promise of a new strange sight? This kind of adventure doesn’t have to stay on your TV screen, you can live it yourself – all it takes is the right destination, the right travelling companions and a plan!

It’s understandable to feel underwhelmed when looking at the world map, so much of it has been discovered and documented that you could be forgiven for thinking that the world holds little mystery for us any more. But the key in creating an adventure for yourself is more about how you travel, rather than where you travel. The difference between a holiday and adventure lies in your goals, what you take, how you get to your destination and who you go with.

Here are our top tips on creating an exciting adventure of your very own:

Leave your smart phone at home

Did you ever see Indiana Jones checking his Insta whilst he was raiding a tomb? Purists will argue that this is because those films were set in a time when smart phones existed, but it’s still hard to imagine the fabled explorer carrying an iPhone on him whilst he’s on his travels. As useful as our smart phones are, they’re also a lifeline, a source of comfort and a reminder of home which inextricably links us with our lives back home. Ditch your smart phone for your next adventure in favour for a lo-fi burner with minimum functionality in order to get true freedom from your day-to-day life.

Travel light

If you want to feel like a true explorer then you’ll need to be able to change your plans in a moment’s notice and that means travelling light. This expression means different things for a lot of people, so we’ll spell it out here. Travelling light means taking one small bag. By ‘small’ we mean a satchel or rucksack that you’d take for a day out. With economic packing and a can-do attitude you can travel for weeks with just a handful of belongings. By taking only what you need you can spend less time planning your outfits and more time exploring your destination!

Take like-minded companions only

Who you choose to travel with is crucial in the kind of experience that you have. There’s no reason why can’t take a friend or partner along with you on your adventure, but it’s important that you’re both on the same page. You might find your trip compromised if you take along someone who loves their home comforts, or if you’re travelling with a friend who’d rather put their feet up for a week than commit to some old school adventuring. If you’re looking for a rough and ready trip then you should find someone who has a similar interest, or meet a travelling companion along the way…

Go somewhere totally new

Finally, in order to have a true adventure you need to be breaking new ground. That means going somewhere that you’ve never been before! Whilst we mentioned at the start that adventures were more about the how than the where, you should remember that you won’t be pushing your limits if you’re simply returning a place that you’ve visited before.

Push the boat out, get adventurous and you’ll create an experience that you’ll never forget!