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About Sand Rose

The aim of Sand Rose is to provide free breaks to the bereaved, with particular emphasis on young families.

How painful it is when a child dies or for children to experience the loss of a parent. The family is changed forever.

We aim to help such families adjust and become more able to cope with their loss.

Based in Cornwall, Sand Rose, as a national charity, extends to all local authority areas in England and Wales providing breaks for families from across the country.

We do not provide a therapeutic or counselling programme. We simply provide the venue for a break.

Our project base in Marazion, Cornwall, provides a special location needed by those suffering loss and grief. Our three cottages with their sea views and large walled garden offer a unique place to help establish a new normal.

We raise awareness amongst national and local bereavement organisations of the need for this kind of break. We work in collaboration with them (with a nomination system) to ensure that those who will most benefit from a break are made aware of the project.

We also work to raise awareness of the effects of bereavement within society and the importance of the need to grieve and to allow grief to take its natural course.



Fully Booked

Spindrift Cottage (East & West) have been fully booked since reopening in July. During the summer months we have supported 15 families with nominations from Cancer Focus, Northern Ireland; Walsall Bereavement Service (The Swing); Peace Hospice, Watford; Poole Hospital, Dorset; Cruse (Gloucestershire & Essex); Blackpool NHS Trust Paediatric Bereavement; Child Bereavement UK; The Rainbow Centre, Bristol; and Children’s Hospice South West.

We are now fully booked for September and October. The cottages close on 1st November for maintenance and will reopen 1 April 2015. We will be taking bookings for 2015 from late February. During the winter months our office hours will be reduced, however, you can always contact us via e-mail at or leave a message at 0845 607 6357 and we will get back to you.

Other News

The Sand Rose working group have been developing ideas and fundraising initiatives. We would like to thank the Godolphin Arms in Marazion for raising £1400. This money has paid for a new set of laundry for the cottages. The Godolphin Arms have also kindly volunteered to do our weekly laundry saving us a lot of time and money. Thank you!

Image of cream tea
Cream tea and St Michael’s Mount. Photograph by Andy, Lisa & Ben who stayed at Sand Rose this summer.

The Summerhouse Gallery in Marazion is kindly supporting Sand Rose with John Piper's retrospective exhibition, "Halcyon Days," from the 12th - 26th September. There will be a wide range of paintings capturing the essence of West Cornwall and the proceeds of the sale of one painting will go directly to Sand Rose.

We have received a gift of a Sand Rose suncatcher from the Mitchell and Armour families who stayed at the cottages in 2009. This beautiful hand crafted stained glass has been placed in the folly for families to enjoy.

Image of stained glass suncatcher
The Sand Rose suncatcher on display in the folly.

Over the winter months we plan to do some upgrading in the cottages. We are also going to convert an unused outbuilding in the garden into a room for teenagers. This will become a dedicated space for older children to compliment the games room and will include music and comfy sofas.

Image of child's thank you picture Picture by Eleanor aged 8 who stayed at Sand Rose this summer.

Image of garden folly